INSIGHT Fourth Quarter 2019

4th QTR 2019 | 5 Tickler File and Tickler Scan for eRxs The Tickler is primarily used for refill reminders, but it can also show various messages in NRx. 1. Go to Store Control > Store Level Options > Rx Processing > Tickler File Options . 2. Check the following flags to autogenerate messages: y y New Rxs from Prescriber y y Cancel Rx from Prescriber y y New Rx Request y y New Rx Response 3. From Rx Processing Tasks , click Tickler Scan . 4. Click Manage , New , and name the scan “New eRxs.” 5. Now, click Save . 6. On the Select Options, answer YES to [Tickler].New Rx-From Doc and choose your desired date range. Click Next . 7. Complete the Sort Options. These messages are now pending to be processed. In the Tickler Scan, select each one to make a new eRx. Note: Pharmacy at a Glance also displays new eRxs. eCare Plans Document clinical services and share information with other healthcare providers to improve overall patient health outcomes. Note: You must be on Service Pack 26b or higher and be authorized to use this feature. 1. Access the Patient Record. 2. Click Patient Chart . 3. Click eCare Plan and complete all patient interventions, encounters, education provided, outcomes, etc. 4. Click Submit . Note: Click History to see past plans. For more information, watch the webinar here . Drug Lot Number and Expiration Date Expiration dates change and your state may require a Lot Number to print on a label. To update these fields: 1. Go to Store Control > Store Level Options > Workflow Queue Setup . 2. Click Control Options for Label & Dispensing or Quality Assurance Check. 3. Then, go to Store Control > Store Level Options > Rx Filling . 4. Check Confirm Lot & Expiration at NDC Check. 5. Before filling the prescription, click Verify NDC on the Prescription Record. Click Check . 6. The update pop-up box displays. Enter the Lot Number and Expiration Date. Click Save . 7. Fill the prescription. The fields have now been updated on the Transaction and Drug Record.