INSIGHT - Third Quarter 2019

3rd QTR 2019 | 2 President’s Letter Kevin P. Welch, President There’s a lot of power in the idea that the only folks who stumble are the ones moving forward. It’s a reminder that forward momentum is rarely perfect. If we worry excessively about stumbling, we may find ourselves left behind. QS/1 isn’t standing around – and our forward momentum hasn’t been perfect. But we’ve made big moves forward in our mission to be the technology partner that community pharmacists need and deserve. This talk about movement isn’t all a metaphor, either. We’ve taken on-site hardware maintenance to areas of the country where it was previously unavailable, worked on enhancing our mobile app and delivery features, and traveled to nine cities and counting to provide complimentary customer workshops. In this issue of Insight , we feature a pharmacy whose patient services are continually moving forward, showing what’s possible for community pharmacy when you combine a growth mindset and a truly comprehensive pharmacy management system. We highlight the possibilities starting in January from using the new SCRIPT ePrescribing standard, and we discuss exciting momentum in the community pharmacy industry as a whole in the form of CPESN ® . We know our push forward can’t stop, because the changes, pressures, and opportunities you face as pharmacists don’t stop. Please know that we’re always with you. Sincerely, Kevin Welch, QS/1 President CONTACT US INSIGHT MAGAZINE PO Box 6052 Spartanburg, SC 29304 800.231.7776 EDITORIAL DINA COOKSEY Senior Manager, Content Studio IRIS MATHIS GEORGIA BURNETT EMILY SMITH Editors HIMESH PATEL Layout & Design ERICA MELTON Website Developer STAFF WRITERS RICHARD EDMUND EMILY SMITH CHELSEA DEAN IRIS MATHIS FIND US ONLINE